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CEREC Crowns in Wilmington

At Myrtle Grove Implant and Family Dentistry, Dr. Graves invests in the latest dental technology to provide more convenient, comprehensive, and high-quality dental treatment. That’s why we offer same-day crowns with CEREC in Beau Rivage and South Wilmington. If you have a damaged or misshapen tooth, you can restore it with a crown in just a single appointment at our office.  


Understanding Same-Day crowns

To create a same-day crown, Dr. Graves uses CEREC technology. CEREC is a type of 3D CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design/Manufacturing) technology that is used to create dental prostheses in our dental office. This technology uses a special milling machine to sculpt dental restorations out of small blocks of tooth-colored porcelain.

By taking special 3D images of your mouth and uploading them to our CEREC machine, Dr. Graves can manufacture a natural-looking crown and other such dental restorations extremely quickly. The process of building a new crown usually takes less than 30 minutes.

What to Expect

The Crown Placement Process

Dr. Graves will begin by cleaning and numbing your mouth. Then, your tooth will be prepared for a crown by removing any of the damaged or decayed enamel that is left behind. It will be trimmed into a smooth, stable, flat surface to which the crown can be applied.

Next, Dr. Graves will use a special type of powder coating and a 3D scanner to take images of your mouth. This information will be uploaded into the CEREC machine, where Dr. Graves will design and fine-tune your dental crown. Once he has completed the design process, he will run the CEREC machine, and it will automatically sculpt your crown from a tooth-colored porcelain block. Finally, the crown will be checked for proper fit and finish, and Dr. Graves will attach it to your tooth using dental cement, then buff and polish the tooth to complete the procedure.

How it Helps

The Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

  • Faster results – Traditional dental crowns must be built in a third-party dental lab, which can often take weeks. CEREC streamlines the process, allowing you to get a crown in just a single, 2-hour appointment.
  • No temporaries required – With traditional crowns, temporary crowns are usually required to protect your teeth while you wait for your permanent crown to be made. These temporary crowns can be bulky and uncomfortable, and with CEREC same-day crowns, they’re a thing of the past!
  • Better fit and finish – CEREC technology is incredibly accurate, and provides extremely precise results. This means your CEREC crown will be made to look and feel just like your natural tooth.

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